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Corroboree Group's Indigenous Artwork

The 14 year old behind Oka Art Co has turned the Corroboree Group's story into a stunning piece of artwork.

Nioka Nalder is a proud Wamba Wamba, Mutthi Mutthi, and Yorta Yorta woman with a passion for art that started when she was just 10 years old.

"I've always been very artistic and creative; art was always my favourite subject," the young artist said, "For my 13th birthday I asked my parents if I could start my own art business and if my present could be an ABN."

Photo of Nioka Nalder in the country

Corroboree Group first connected with Nalder through the Wamba Wamba land council where the artist had designed a piece for a local netball team's jersey. From there, she was asked to create a new piece for the business' corporate portfolios.

Nalder's drawing of people holding hands

"The Corroboree Group is always looking out and helping others, whether that be through finding a job or cleaning services," the artist said pointing out parts of her artwork.

She drew people holding hands to represent the Corroboree Group guiding their clients into the right directions. The artwork also includes meeting circles, running waterholes, and rocks with vibrant colours and winding lines along the canvas.

Zoomed in section of Corroboree Group's artwork

"I also included meeting circles with family around them because your business helps people in the same view as a family would. I've added running waterholes symbolising the lives you have helped continue to run. The rocks on the sides of the waterholes show the bumps and rough times along someone's journey."

Nalder continues to create digital art and paintings she shares and sells on her Instagram account Oka Art. This artwork is currently used within Corroboree Group's marketing materials and website for all visitors, clients, and employees to enjoy.

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