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Indigenous Pathways to Employment Program (IPEP)


IPEP is a solely Corroboree funded program that sees Indigenous people of all ages gain and maintain employment in a field of their choosing. Corroboree has mentors that provide our program participants with the necessary support to succeed in their role. We fund the attainment of qualifications and resources that are essential for our participants' employment and we continue to provide support and guidance for as long as each participant wants it. Our program is tailored to each individual participant to ensure that we have meaningful long-term outcomes. We also provide our program participants with the skills to maintain employment outside of the program, even if they are not employed by us.


Our program helps you to develop the basic skills required to start a career in a field of your choosing. All participants of the program will learn basic employment related skills and financial management skills, whilst undertaking practical work experience.


Each participant will receive mentorship throughout the program and will be supported in identifying a suitable career pathway. The program has a basic structure, but is individually tailored to ensure that each participant is provided with the best chance for success.


IPEP Journey Map

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