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Corroboree Group team with NAIDOC award

This year, Corroboree Group was nominated for ACT NAIDOC's Organisation/Agency/Committee of the Year Award. The other nominees included Soward Management, Wamburang Women's Community Choir, and Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation.

Dressed to the nines, members of the Corroboree team attended the ACT NAIDOC Ball on the 30th of June at the Canberra Convention Centre. The team was surprised when it was announced that they had won the category.

Colin Williams accepting NAIDOC award

Colin, Corroboree's Managing Director accepted the award on behalf of the organisation. Colin gave a brief speech to thank everyone who was involved in Corroboree accomplishing this significant achievement.

"It was the first time I ever felt speechless," said Managing Director Colin Williams as he accepted the award.

Colin William giving an acceptance speech

Corroboree Group would like to thank NAIDOC Week ACT for putting on such an enjoyable event and express how grateful they are to both be nominated and win the category. Corroboree Group look forward to attending the event again next year!

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